I’m just SO frustrated..

I have been riding on and off (mostly) since 2007 and I’ve had my horse since 2011 and I have never been out and gone to a fun day or show or anything and thats fine but what is frustrating me is that I never had confidence in myself, I never was at a point where I was happy with my riding and my position and confidence etc.

Now, when I am looking after trey for a few weeks (it’s been about 5 weeks?) I am confident and my friend has been giving me lessons and treys been looking good and I have been working well on my position and i’ve been having heaps of fun and then now, when it’s not me holding me back it’s something else.

Trey came back from his lease thinner than I was comfortable and I think cause It was still very hot that he lost condition fast via sweating and because there was no grass. 5 weeks later there is less grass I swear and he just dropped in condition, so I am (and his new lease mum) strictly not riding him. We (me mostly) are feeding twice a day, fattening diet, oils, silage twice a day… He’s been wormed with the change into spring, so that will rule out parasites as an issue. I feel its a join between the no-grass situation and riding him when it was really hot…


but i’m so frustrated because we were on track to going out to our first show together and having great fun before he goes on lease again and not i’m just frustrated.


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