Bad habits die hard

So let’s change this to great habits live long!

So basically, I struggled to find a study scheme that suited me at the end of the semester. I figured I can not be the only one, so I’ll share me ideas here for others to find their own way about studying cause no one enjoys it!

First off, I googled. That’s how i started, I found how others studied, through blogs, websites etc but Youtube was the best. I found so much info, the ideas i used were ones that sounded good for me and I thought i’d try them. What I found:

  1. Posters – This is great for revision also, keeping all that knowledge there. ie. Anatomical heart diagram: listing valves, structures, direction of blood flow etc.
  2. Reading your notes to a voice recorder and listening to them. I found even reading them in depth, reciting them helped the details stick.
  3. Youtube clips about tricky concepts rather than violently reading your books! Sometimes it just takes someone else’s view on the wording and it clicks.
  4. Making time EVERYDAY to study – Obviously there is an optimum amount of time you want to me studying but you also don’t want to burn out. I think for the average nursing class it’s 12-15 hours a week of study throughout semester.

These are all really great for end of semester and during study break. These other idea are to be implemented at the beginning of the semester to help with study:

  • Voice recording your lectures: If you can attend lectures more than once, how is that not going to help you stick the info?
  • Printing lecture notes and then writing onto those, so you can write your ideas and extra info on the notes but you don’t miss out on any info, like you would if you were writing by hand.
  • Before each day, make sure you have looked at all resources to be used in relation for the next days classes. If there are lecture notes you print them, if the subject is Co-morbidities in health, You read the chapter that compliments that. When you come home from class create a page (perhaps on Word doc) of the points of the classes that you want to learn, like a study guide, try leave out stuff that you 100% know so it’s less to cover come exam time.
  • When reading chapters, try to skim read and if there are any awesome bits you want to remember, jot them down in a separate book so you can look back when you need the info easily. Remember to write the chapter, book and page number at the top of the page, makes it easier to find again.
  • DIARY’S OF IMPORTANT DATES, how many weeks until exams, assessments etc.
  • I also have started using a notepad, A5 size; that I write all sorts of things for example in lecture if i feel i need to revise the kidney anatomy, I will jot that in there to do that night.


Well, This is info that I found really useful that i’d love to pass on so others Ace their exams also!