Other things than nursing!

I took out my best friend last week for her first night in town, clubbing because she just had her 18th birthday… let me give you a run down of the events of the evening!

So, It began with the loud-music-sing-a-long on the way back to mine from her place a short distance town away from mine. We were listening to the radio, and they were giving away Avicii albums for the strangest story about the “strangest thing you have ever eaten”. I said that I love Avicii and my best friend said “let’s make up a story”. upon sitting in thinking silence in which I broke a few times saying “UGH i want that album”. We came up with the idea of eating crayons. We thought no-one would believe us so we said we were drunk and got pranked into it. Don’t ask me why, I just wanted that album! Anyway, they believed us and hey presto! They are sending us the album! I can’t wait to hear it! :-p

Next story to tell of the evening: the strip club.

My friend had obviously never gone into a strip club and we decided to take her in for a short while, as it was raining and other clubs were a short walk away. Anyway, I went to the bathroom and as I returned I learnt that my freshly 18 year old best friend had not only got on the stripper bar, but hung upside down and fell off of it! I couldn’t believe I missed it! This is one she will not live down! I promise that!

And the final winning story: of the mystery dude.

So, we were all having a great time and my friend had found this nice looking guy, who had latched onto her face a few times (yes made out with). It was a little fun with her, she gave him her number afterward etc. etc. anyway, the next day she was really excited and we decided to try stalk him. But she said she could hear him when he told her his name. So all we had to go by was his friend who has been talking to me. We had one friends name. We searched the friend up, he wasn’t hard to find. But nothing on his page about the mystery dude. the next day my friend found his page too with a surprise.. mystery man was a baby daddy!! to a girl i went through school with! Wow. Shock. We had a good laugh about it. He hasn’t contacted her yet so poops to him. He missed out on a beautiful young lady who will spoil any man with love.

Enough of these bad stories! (Oh, but i met Aaron Chalmers from Geordie shore that night too! and got a photo ;p)


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