Getting ready for business

We got our grades for our OSCE’s yesterday! So there were the 2 OSCE’s + 1 written OSCE and our 20% grade came from all 3 together as one mark. I got a B overall which I am happy about  🙂 Although I think the written OSCE is where I believe could have done better – but hey, I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I know that next time I need to be more strict with myself about the study. I walked in and knew my stuff but because there were only 10 questions if you get 2 wrong you’re already at a 80% mark. So it seemed as if, in my mind more was at stake than a 60 MCQ test. It felt that way anyhow.

Now that OSCE’s are over It is game time. Exams are in 6 weeks, next week I start placement where I have another lot of competencies to do and an essay worth 50% of the clinical paper! No pressure!

But seriously, It’s head down and work time. Organisation time. I need to get into a great habit of study. So my plan is. There are 6 weeks until the week of exams, that includes one week dedicated to study. My plan is to go through each class in order, look into the lecture, read over the chapter of the lecture topic in my textbook; for example, Depressive disorder. I would read information about this topic in my textbooks, taking notes of valuable information that I may not have learnt or generally something i feel that I would like to remember. Then, I find the slide of the presentation that has the learning outcomes or objectives, these are often written asking a few small sentences of a paragraph of information of which should have been learnt within the lecture. This is direct learning to what they have taught.

My organisation goes beyond this however. There are 6 weeks until exams. There are technically 6 weeks of material to cover. If, every day I sit down and routinely study every day so that every week I am either on schedule or before schedule then I have the best possible schedule to study all content in preparation for my final exams.

Making the study routine is the most of it, sticking to it. I’m going strong so far, let’s here it for the next 6 weeks!

I’m itching for a great grade!

and then I am going to blow all that steam off with my girls, like no-ones business!


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