Man am I glad this week is almost over!

The written exam could have gone better! But I found it a really hard exam to study and revise for as most of the content was in videos. There were only 10 questions so I felt like it was harder than a 60 question exam as each question was worth a lot more than one question in a 60 lot, if you get that I mean. All in all, I knew 90% of it so i’m confident.

The OSCE’s themselves were intense! I had role-played with my sister and friend in nursing and I was as well prepared as I could be, I’m really proud with how I went. I know where I can improve and that’s mostly practice so I can become quicker at say, wound care. We had to display 2/3 skills out of Wound care, Injections and Therapeutic communication. I got the two I was hoping for: wound care and injections. I find that when i’m nervous, such as OSCE’s I can’t say things the way i’d like to and my words come out jumbled. So i was pleased that I could just display my practical skills with more limited communication. I was confident, I’d practiced, run through the skills in my head countless times, I knew that I could do it and I really think I did the best of my ability with limited nerves! I am proud of myself!

Now that OSCE’s are over, I have driven out to my best friend’s place in Cambridge and I’ve been reading my book all day, editing videos and writing up this blog and not feeling guilty about it because I don’t have any work to do! Exams are another 8 weeks away so next week I’ll begin preparing but for now, I’m going to take a lovely break.

So now, For my best friend’s 18th myself, her and another good friend, are all going out for a night on the town for student night! It’s going to be a blast. Me and my two BFF’s! My friend who has just turned 18 is two years younger than us, and we’ve been talking about this night since my 18th birthday! So it’s been a long time coming!

Anyway, I need to get ready for tonight after a day of lounging, I’m so excited to blow some steam off tonight!


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