Scary, exciting week ahead!

So I just worked all weekend, I’m exhausted! But I am so disappointed in myself as I have a small written exam next week and I have barely studied! I’ve had a super busy week, and this week coming is also hectic!

Monday is classes, Tuesday is a written exam, Wednesday is my OSCE’s (which I feel prepared for!). Wednesday night I am going too a practice Show Jumping day on my friends Eventer, which I am super excited for but also crapping myself! (A practice Show jumping day is where people take their horses out to for the experience of the outing and all the people and other horses etc. or like me, who hasn’t been to a real show before who is gaining experience). But I’m more worried about my exams at this stage! Thursday night I am going out with a few friends for my best friends 18th birthday which is on Tuesday, and then Friday night I have my work trial at my new job! Saturday/Sunday will be my last weekend at my current job.

Quick update, I’ll write a more exciting blog next week as I only have classes on the monday…. and let you know how i went with all my nerve wrecking events on!


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