I have just started back at Tech after a week off. That week I spent 5 days sick, and 2 of those 5 days working also.

I woke up Wednesday with a head ache and sore throat and thinking “here we go again..” By Wednesday night I couldn’t move. I had to call in sick thursday, Friday in the afternoon I felt a little better. Saturday I only had the headache back but the sore throat was getting worse.. We were SUPER busy at work. like NEVER BEEN SO BUSY. It was the first hot, sunny day of spring and the awaiting summer. I got stuck on Till, I talked way too much and strained my already weak voice over the coffee machine, kitchen and general noise.. So Sunday I woke up with NO VOICE. I can only whisper. Same with today, I’ve had OSCE exam practice all day and I cannot speak more than a whisper.

I saw the doctor between classes and she confirmed I have Laryngitis which makes sense. the only worry is that I have OSCE exams next week! If I have no voice then how am I supposed to pass my OSCE’s?! Hoping to wake up with a voice or much improved comeback-of-a-voice, or the Doctor has given me some medication.

Other news: I’m severely upset about my 20th birthday which is on thursday.. I thought since it’s my birthday, I don’t have work arranged thursday or friday, that I will have some friends over and we will all go to town and have a dance and night out; But I just feel so abandoned because only 2 friends can make it. I understand but when a friend gives a reason that makes no sense whatsoever to the situation…? Does she just not want to go? Its not even worth arguing why she can’t come because it will turn into an argument and she is stubborn and will not listen anyway.

Makes me feel as though she when organise something, nobody wants to come but when someone else does, everyone needs to and has to be there!

I apologise for the downer and grumpy blog, but it’s just being weighing on me!


grumpy/upset gills.


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